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Social Media is devastating our kids. Parents have had enough. These are our stories.
Social media is an integral part of our children’s daily lives, but it's dangerous for them. Kids’ time online is directly connected to addiction, poor body image, anxiety, depression, self-harm, insomnia, sexual predators, bullies, and more. We’ve seen it too many times. It doesn’t need to be this way.
The truth is, children are being harmed because tech companies make design choices that prioritize their profit over our children’s safety. But they can and should design their apps with kids in mind. Our children need and deserve to be protected online.
There are countless stories of children who have been harmed by big tech. Here are some of them.

Featured Parent Stories

An image of Kristin Bride
Kristin Bride
Lake Oswego, OR
“My son, Carson Bride, a 16-year-old from Lake Oswego, OR, ended his life after being viciously cyberbullied by his high school “Snapchat friends” who were using the anonymous apps Yolo and LMK to hide their identities. The last search on Carson’s phone before he ended his life was for hacks to find out who was sending the hundreds of negative, harassing, humiliating and sexually explicit messages.”
An image of Judy Rogg
Judy Rogg
Santa Monica, CA
“My son, Erik Robinson, was a normal, bright and curious 6th grader - an "A" student, boy scout, and athlete who had focused plans and dreams for his future. He learned about The Choking Game (aka Pass Out, Black Out, Tap Out, Choking Challenge, etc.) the day before he tried it at home and died. There were no warning signs because the police investigation uncovered that he had only just learned of it the day before. Had we known about its dangers, we would have discussed it and I am confident that he never would have attempted to "play" it ... he would be alive today. Erik's dream was to be a soldier - he wanted to save lives. My mission is to honor his legacy by saving the lives of other kids and to keep families from experiencing this type of cataclysmic loss. I co-founded Erik's Cause in his memory to help save other kids' lives and to save other families and communities from this kind of unimaginable and devastating loss.”
An image of Joann Bogard
Joann Bogard
Evansville, IN
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